Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Santa Ana Hears lyrics - Hum

Do you wanna ride shotgun to Vegas?
Do you swear to handle me with care?
I saw your acid bath drained too slow
And it left a ring of violence in your head
You know it ain't true about the customized high in Tucson
And the jetpack that won't leave a trace here in the sand
It's a lie about the water, and the fresh horse
And the Navajo girl traces sundown in your hand
The moon hangs low tonight in tandem
With the Chisos here between your house and Mexico
But we are lost and we stand silent
And think about snow with the cocaine low and a long long way to go
Santa Ana's winds have come and gone
And her eyes still drift alone
Santa Ana landed here, and here we pray that God slept through the Sunday
About a storm that is coming in